Mission Statement

The Marcello Giordani Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the help and support of young opera singers to enable them to pursue and achieve their career goals and to succeed on international opera stages.

The Foundation is committed to the promotion of opera in general, and Italian Opera in particular, and to the creation of a new generation of dedicated performing artists who will serve as ambassadors of Italian culture and language through their art throughout the world, and particularly in the U.S.

Under the guidance of Marcello Giordani, the Foundation will establish, organize and sponsor master classes, seminars, and summer programs in the U.S and abroad, as well as provide encouragement, training opportunities, career assistance and financial support, including scholarships and awards, to promising and talented young singers. Many of them will be the great singers of tomorrow, and it is with them that the future of opera resides. It is the goal of the Foundation to contribute actively to their success.


News & Events

The MGF International Vocal Competition in cooperation with Opera Carolina

15 January 2017

The Marcello Giordani Foundation is pleased to announce the upcoming MGF International Vocal Competition sponsored by Opera Carolina, April 24 - 28 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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V Concorso Internationale di Canto lirico "Marcello Giordani"

26 September 2015

L’Accademia Musicale Marcello Giordani YAP will hold its 5th International Vocal Competition from April 6 to 10, 2015 in Augusta, Sicily on Nov 25 - 29, 2015. 

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Winners of the 5th MGF/Vero Beach Opera Vocal Competition 2015

11 April 2015

Winners of the 5th MGF/Vero Beach Opera Vocal Competition 2015

The Winners

1st. prize,  $10,000 Anthony Clark Evans, Baritone
2nd. prize $  5,000 J'nai Bridges, Mezzo Soprano
3rd. prize  $ 3,000 Beibei Guan, Soprano
4 $1,000 Encouragement awards:
Jarrett Ott, baritone (Tommy Steyer & Simonetta Steyer $1,000 Encouragement Award)
Julie Miller, Mezzo Soprano (Deborah Voigt/Vero Beach Opera Foundation $1,000 Encouragement)
Allegra de Vita, Mezzo Soprano (Susan Neves $1,000 Encouragement Award)
Christine Suits, Soprano (Shay-Webster $1,000 Encouragement)
3 Awards of Master Classes with room and board in Catania, Sicily, Italy in 2016:
Anthony Ciaramitaro, Tenor
Beibei Guan, Soprano
Christine Suits, Soprano